Your UnSlut Project
By emilylindin
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These are Wattpad members' experiences regarding "slut" shaming and sexual bullying. You can now submit your experience to be a chapter in this collection in the form of a VIDEO - or as a drawing, poster, collage, or any other type of visual art. Just message me a link (send it to @emilylindin). If you've already submitted a chapter and want to add a multimedia element, let me know and we can make that happen, too. I started The UnSlut Project in 2013 by sharing my own middle school diary entries, from when I was targeted as the school "slut", here on Wattpad. This collection expands the project to include the shared experiences of the Wattpad community, whether the writer has been the victim or witness of sexual bullying or "slut" shaming, or whether they just want to share their thoughts. As these essays demonstrate, these issues have affected and continue to affect many of our lives in deep, often dangerous ways. If you're currently being sexually bullied, you're not alone. It gets better. Please use these stories to expand your understanding of this widespread problem, and comment respectfully. To learn more about The UnSlut Project, including "UnSlut: A Documentary Film," go here: IMPORTANT: some of these experiences are quite disturbing and might include triggering material. If you are in physical or mental danger, considering suicide, or feel otherwise unsafe, please use these resources:

Submitted by @liliancarmine Author of the "TLB" Trilogy

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Your UnSl...
by emilylindin