More Than This-- A...
By batmandysixx
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**NOT FAMOUS IN THE STORY** (boyxboy so if you aren't comfortable with anything homosexual please don't read or post nasty comments about it!) Niall Horan lives by himself in London and has to make enough money to live by. He wants to save up so he can move back to Ireland, but doesn't nearly have enough money to do so. By day he sings and performs at local bars, clubs, and restaurants... but at night he does some shady business in order to get the money he needs. He meets a gorgeous, amazing boy and needs to make difficult choices. Zayn Malik just moved to London with his best friend Liam. When they went out to a club, He sees Niall singing and playing guitar there and chats him up. Zayn starts falling for him, but how will Zayn react when he finds out what Niall does at night. What's going to happen? read on and find out.

More Than This-- A Ziall Fan Fiction

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More Than...
by batmandysixx