Did You Get Your Pe...
By shortgirlbigbook
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[ FEATURED ON WATTPAD INDIA'S JANUARY 2020 READING LIST: TEEN FICTION] A typical Indian family. A bit conservative, quite pushy and forcefully loving. And in the middle of that sits Shweta. She's a spunky eighteen year old with a mind of her own and a sassy mouth to match. She's got her own views about her life and doesn't hesitate letting other people know about it. Only it doesn't often bode well for her. This time, Shweta's really done it. She's done the unforgivable deed and lost her virginity to a boy who isn't even her boyfriend. Yet. If that wasn't enough, her period's gone missing. What happens when Shweta tells her mother the truth? Drama, of course. Only she hadn't expected things to fall apart as drastically as they do. Join Shweta as she tries to brush off slut shaming, keep her head high and try to find a place for herself in the judgy, conservative world. Will she succeed? Or will she bow her head and allow society to bend her into shape like countless before her? A coming-of-age story. [WORD COUNT: 51,000 WORDS] COMPLETED.


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Did You G...
by shortgirlbigbook