Guardian of the For...
By TheShinyAzelf
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Hano Shijian, a boy from Unova, thinks he's normal. He doesn't think he's special. However, the Council of Legends knows that isn't true. After Celebi sacrifices herself to prevent Dialga's rage from destroying everything around him, they realize she has chosen Hano to be her replacement. Now, with a few new legendary friends and others from his past, he gradually takes on the changes that come with his new life, adjusting and honing his skills, and discovering an entirely new world off-limits to him before. However, the peace won't stay for long. As a new threat in Necrozma rises to take revenge on the world for stealing the light that was once rightfully his, Hano gets entangled with Team Plasma, an organization with yet mysterious intentions, and his old life comes comes back to haunt him in more ways than he'd expect. Hano has also yet to discover the secrets of a few of the other legends, including Necrozma's own secret that if revealed could shake up the Council of Legends forever, for better or worse... The cover is by ImberLapis, thanks a ton! I do not own pokemon, but even though that's so obvious I don't even have to say it, I'm doing it anyway. I hope you enjoy reading! Updated every two weeks. Don't plagiarize this or I will come to your house and shove you down a toilet.

Beginning of New Dawn

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by TheShinyAzelf