The Boy Next Door
By its_zoemonroe
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His faint laugh stopped me in my tracks, my body turning sightly to look at him again. "That was cute. Really, I loved it, but you know I can't just stay away." He said while using air quotations for the last part of his sentence. My narrowed eyes continued to shoot daggers at him, "and why is that, Grayson? Huh?" I asked in a mocking tone. He rubbed along his jaw while pulling in on his bottom lip, his head lightly shaking from side to side. "What?" I said louder, my patience long gone. "I live right next door," he deadpanned, "I'm not going anywhere. As far as I'm concerned we're gonna be seeing each other practically every day, so this whole thing about staying away just isn't going to work for you. I don't let things I love go so easily." A chill went down my spine as I watched him walk up the stairs of his porch, "sweet dreams, Cam." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eighteen year old, Cameron Woods, is ready to start her senior year alongside her friends and boyfriend, Damon Valero. As summer comes to an end, Cameron prepares for the greatest year of her entire high school experience. Just a few days before school starts, Grayson Froyer and his family move in next door. Cameron befriends Grayson; introducing him to her friends, while helping him get adjusted to the town. However, somethings get taken too far, causing Cameron to rethink her new friendship with Grayson. For Grayson, Cameron is everything he needs, and he's going to make her see that. -Warning- -contains cussing/language -mild sex scenes

Chapter 1

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