Guiding star (TPN...
By nanceowen52
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Fanfiction for The Promised Neverland manga/ anime fans and anyone who would like to enjoy a good story! [warning: It follows the plot for the manga hehe] Living in Grace Field was great! Y/n and her siblings lived a happy life with good food, comfortable beds, a huge space to play and all the love from their "Mama", the caretaker Isabella. Y/n loved her life at the orphanage, but her head always traveled around wondering what she could find when she got out of there. She wanted to know the world outside. Her opportunity comes sooner than anyone expected and for more than Ray tried, nothing could stop her departure. When she crossed the gate, she was introduced to a whole new world, even though, she already knew about the secrets of the house. Author's notes: The story contains spoilers, so I suggest that you read the manga before reading it. I followed the manga storyline, so anime-only people may get a little confused heheh By the way, I don't own the original story or the characters. It is the first time I publish anything and this is not my first laguage, so I'm really opened up for constructive critics! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do while writting (:

1. New Habits [edited]

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Guiding s...
by nanceowen52