The Simple Gift of...
By kakehole
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In my village, magic exists. We value the beauty of gratefulness. This is how we have been able to live in peace and harmony for so long. Once a child turns eight, they are eligible to begin The Awakening, the week long process of experiencing loss. Because of our Healer, the only one who possess magic, we are able to lose something, something we take for granted to remind us the importance of gratitude. However, to the other worlds they are not aware of this magic and as our Leader reminds us often, no outsider should ever know. However, on my 18th birthday, I did not expect a traitor among us nor did I expect that the traitor gave our secrets to the Queen of Kepler herself. The Queen is known to be ruthless, and when our secret is known, she wants our magic for her own.

Chapter 1

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The Simpl...
by kakehole