His Insane Fetish
By scrumptiouswrites
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Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Name is enough to describe him. He is what we call a deadly handsome person. Fair skin and sharp jawline he is every girl's wild fantasy. Not to forget his deep, hard to determine color eyes. He has money, mind and looks everything a girl would look into her Mr Perfect! But is that it...no the man have as many shades of himself as he have of his own eyes. He is a dangerous sin wrapped in angelic eyes. He is a walking evil for all those who know him. His demons roar inside him each moment. He is dark extremely dark. He is a live example of how scary a monster can be, death is a way better choice than getting into the bad books of Shivaay Singh Oberoi! The things go way yard when his eyes fall on Annika Harshvardhan Trivedi. She is everything he is not, she is damn innocent, fragile, soft and kind hearted. He was insanely drawn toward her. A fire was burning in him for her, it was not lust, desire or love. It was far more deep even more than the mysterious sea. Slowly she became his insane fetish, his obsession. He can set the entire world around them on fire without letting a flame touch her. He was seeking for peace inside the Angel who was craving for chaos. But was she ready for it? Can she handle his demons? Can she handle his insane fetish for her? He was her dark fairytale and she was his twisted fantasy!!!


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His Insan...
by scrumptiouswrites