The Bad Boy and Me
By Aliceinred
  • Teen Fiction
  • bad
  • badboy
  • dancer
  • danger
  • love
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Every day was the same for Lily Reed; first she'd get up at six and get ready for dancing, pack her school bag and take a clean pair of clothes with her so she doesn't stink for the rest of the day. She go down stairs get a banana and a protein shake and was out the door by half six. Mia Scott, her best friend, would be outside waiting for her. But everyday was different for Ethan King with the fact that he would have a new girl each day, like a flavour of the month.but he would still get up and go to the same school as Lily Reed, there paths don't cross but a random bump in the corridor in there last year of school cause there paths to collide and they realise there more alike in more ways than one, both with dark secrets that connect more than they would every of thought . Join these two on a journey of love, friendship and trust. Will Lily be able to trust Ethan with everything ? Find out in The Bad Boy & Me

We Are Not In A 60's Chick Flick Movie!

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The Bad B...
by Aliceinred