Alice Snow
By ToruHagakure29
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In this world, around 80% of the world population possess a special, superhuman ability, known as a Quirk. The other 20% are diagnosed as Quirkless. Usually one person only possesses one Quirk, however there is sometimes a rare occurrence when someone possesses two Quirks. Such is the case for Hanako Chiaki. A few years after she's let out of the insane asylum, she comes across a strange young man who agrees to train her to become a villain if she does one thing for thing for him. Become a spy in U.A. High School. What could possibly go wrong? ~~~~ Cover is only temporary until I complete the proper one. ~~~~ Marked as mature due to the Bakugou we all know and love. ;) Also, Hanako is slightly edgy and swears a bit. Although probably not as often as Bakugou. ;)

Chapter One - Hanako

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Alice Snow
by ToruHagakure29