Conquered by the De...
By Pumpkinluv1
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As a kid, Russia's father would constantly tell him he would soon obtain the family sickness. A sickness given to the oldest child of the current Russian family. Lovesickness. A disease that causes you to becomes overly in love and obsessed with someone. For 25 years he kept those thoughts in his head. Until finally one day he found his one true love. Russia decided to take getting his love to drastic measures. By taking over the world for them. Russia, an obsessive lovesick man. America, kind -hearted yet sassy, is a man who has major trust issues due to previous relationships. Although it may seem that their personalities are incompatible, Russia would not take failure as an option. As a result, he dedicated 13 years to building his army to eventually be able to take America as his own. And soon enough, the rest of the world. What will the two of them do when life throws numerous obstacles that can endanger their love? Will their love remain just as strong? Or will even considering that be impossible from the amount of damage that has been done? Read Conquered by the Devil to find out. [Note: In the making of this book, I was a total newbie at writing. This book has MAJOR cringe, I repeat, MAJOR CRINGE] This story contains gay shipping, small amounts of angst, and violence. If you are uncomfortable with any of the following, feel free to click out. Beginning Date: July 8, 2019 End Date: May 15, 2020 Page Count: 300 Word Count: 150k Chapters: 30 Ships: Rusame, FinEst, Gerpol, JapSK, Sovbrit, Portspain, (some crackship nethame)

Chapter 1

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by Pumpkinluv1