Be Brave. (Four/Tob...
By FandomIsMyNewLife
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Ever since the mysterious disappearance of her father, she knew it would be her job to find him. But how? As Choosing day arrives Ozeria knows she must leave her Erudite life behind in order to pursue her mission. But is she prepared to take on the Dauntless life? Or will she crumble under the factions new rules? "Honestly it's pretty wack." - me "Nah idk though give it a try." - me "pleasepleasekillurself." - me to myself. This story isn't specific to the Book's lore nore the Movie lore it's kinda just a combination between, still uses the same actors as the character though. I haven't read the Divergent book yet but I've watched the movie and read Four twice plus I'm reading the book like tomorrow so yee yee. Update: Im currently reading insurgent :) PLEASE DON'T SPOIL THE ENDING OF THE BOOK SERIES I'VE SEEN SOME AND IM ALREADY SCARED.

Prologue + FAQ's about fanfic.

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Be Brave...
by FandomIsMyNewLife