Tales from the Gard...
By Lilas___
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The Ester Isles and the United Gardens, two of the world's most advanced and richest countries. Both having made major advancements in technology, medicine, and other fields in the past decades which has led the two countries into various disputes and almost a war. What ended the bitterness between the two was the Ester Isles economy slowly going down and the country gradually becoming poorer. The king of the Gardens took this opportunity to form a truce with their rivals and help out by providing the leaders of the Isles, the Alabasters, what they needed to regain their former glory. After many years of being allies, the Alabasters still held resentment towards the royal family of the Gardens. Augustus Alabaster, a former leader, developed a plan that will guarantee success for the Isles but was missing something very vital to it. It was until a few generations later, the family would find a key to their success in the youngest Alabaster. Felicity Alabaster, aka Little, a nickname given to her by her family and fans for her short height and shy nature. Her whole life, she was thrusted into fame by her family for her musical talents as a cover up for what was really happening. She possessed the world's greatest technology that the Alabaster family took advantage of. But after many brutal experiments and tests to see the eyes full potential, Little escapes to not only save herself, but the world as well. -Explicit language here and there. -Cover art doesn't belong to me. -Rough draft.


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Tales fro...
by Lilas___