A Child from Apocal...
By LAmerica06
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Villin is a Businessman and everything for him has a value meter. A weird child who wore a wornout clothes covering him from head to toe save his very life. This child has no common sense at all. The child also says random stories that makes Villin heads spin and ache. "You mean you come from time of Apocalypse?" The child nods. "You mean that you are slightly stronger than normal because the genetics of humanity has long since evolve and become sturdier?" The child pauses thinking and then nods. "You mean that Apocalypse will happen 15 years from now and you are from when the Apocalypse begun 1000 years ago?" The child looks confuse as he furrow his brow. "You dont have to believe me. Why look so confuse?" Villin has even more of a headache cause this child is so not cute at all. But Villin take him in. Thinking it as saving the life of your Savior. But then suddenly the child takes out something from a mysterious ring and it turns out a h-h-human leg?! "Let's eat?" What to eat? Guess before anything else he has to teach this boy that human are not food the most common at all common sense!!!

I Am Shock

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A Child f...
by LAmerica06