A Rose Called Lila
By imastupididyut
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This description will most likely change. I knew what I want. I always know what I want. My father, Warren, the man I greatly admired right up until he was taken from us taught me that if there was something I wanted bad enough, then I should look for the goals I needed to get in place to achieve what I have always wanted. And that was Cole. I had not thought of anyone else except him to be the one. But life never turns out the way it was suppose to for me. Not when some petty jealous tart is always there to make life a bit miserable for me. So, I left and went to stay with my grandparents only coming back to visit the family. The family I have time for which included all my extra little cousins who became ours after being dumped on us so unexpectedly. But where Cole was concerned, I didn't care. He made his life which I was not a part of no matter how many times he tried to include me in it. I was done with him. Or so I thought.

Mine Part 1

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A Rose Ca...
by imastupididyut