Slated For Love
By Sharpmouth
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•When Wedding bells are getting polished and put in place for a loud and mighty ring, everyone is ecstatic - everyone except the devil of course. A hurdle, a possible thwart and an impending wedding with candidates on ground, ready and in position, the bellowing storm above is stealthy in its primordial form. Somebody is bound to get hurt and there is nothing to be done. Help is beyond the clouds and seemingly, very well out of reach. Bottom line ; Ash is fucked. ** "Your name, what's your name?" "Michelle, Michelle fuck." ** ------- ~It seems not, but it is indeed written from a male point of view and I'm female, how cool is that?!~ ------- Slated for love is one of the few romance novels I can boldly say I loved reading. - @Sebastian6teen ... The storyline? The plot? Oh my... For the first time in a very long time, I actually feel like kissing a Nigerian writer. I'm a die hard fan right now, Ngozi! Okay now, anyone reading this review may think I'm totally exaggerating this book but I'm totally sure you'll be converted into a fan when you read the book. No kidding here. - @Illusionistic3 ... Your book is a combination of humour, thriller, sadness, enjoyment. You got it all wrapped up in there. Girrrlllll! I love your writing style! It's so sweet and so... The way you allow each of your characters exhibit their emotions and feelings, it was unique to each of them. I could tell which character was speaking without necessarily reading it, that's how unique you made them. - @Tdhayor ... Wow! Wow! Wow! Is all I can say after reading your book. I only just found out that you are a girl and all the time I was reading, I was picturing a great male writer. Girl! Your kind is so rare to find and seriously, your book is a model to us upcoming Nigerian writers. - @Chidiogor18

Prologue - When I was : {Trying not to ditch Mitch}

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Slated Fo...
by Sharpmouth