In the arms of a du...
By elsannalover23
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Cover not mine. Story is mine. England, 1928. Edwin is now a member of Parliament, and writes daily articles in the London press about the blind. He believes that those with vision problems deserve to have a normal life and be able to accomplish their goals and dreams just as well as someone with vision. He believes that people need to be treated with respect. Olivia is adapting to having some of her vision back. Although it is not completely clear, she is able to see most things around her, including her two-year-old daughter, Amelia. She is also involved in parliament, alongside her husband, as the ambassador for the blind. She believes that those who have a vision disability should not be treated less than those who are sighted. The Duke and Duchess of London feel as if their lives are complete. They believe that no harm or distraction can come into their family. However, the best laid plans are not always smooth sailing. When a deadly fire breaks out in the castle, lives are at risk. And with the unexpected announcement of Edwin going off to battle, things become even more challenging. Can love survive tragedy and separation?

Chapter 1

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In the ar...
by elsannalover23