Game On, Then
By justditchinschool-
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"You are my star. You know that?" Emmy Eisenhart is savage, reckless and badass. She's protective over the people she loves and lives off with a resilient front. The incidents preceding her life have made her realize how precarious it is, thus she wants to saviour every moment of it. Chase Hunter looks like your usual annoying, ego-on-steroids hot guy, always up for challenges. But you never know, there always is something more to a person than what meets the eye . . . It's the end of summer. Emmy and her best friends decide to celebrate their last few days before senior year with a visit to the Water park. What better place to have fun? But when Emmy meets a certain someone (you know who), well, there are no sparks obviously, but a whole lot of rivalry and mishaps, indicating the beginning of a funky school year and ending in . . . love? Follow their journey of living life in the moment and capturing it. Believe me when I say it, it's filled with all kinds of hilarious as well as toe-curling moments. There are beaches, surfs and a lot more! On the way, you might even learn to accept what's thrown at you with a smile and cherish it! ♛ 1st place in Reveting writing contest, humour genre! ♡ ♡ ♡ • i'm not a fan of clichés, and this is NOT one. it's close to reality and also has a certain depth to it, which you'll find out after reading. • a better synopsis is to be worked on! • none of the graphics and pictures in the book belong to me. ♡ ♡ ♡ Copyright © 2020 justditchinschool-

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Game On...
by justditchinschool-