Caught In The Loop...
By myPOTATOscreamed
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You're Billie's twin sister, both of you can either cope or fight each other. He's rough and violent and sometimes can't stop him from doing something stupid. Which is why you get along with Max a lot more. You don't go to the Arcade or do any skateboarding but you do relate to her and manage to have a decent conversation from time to time. There's been stories about this town before and you've heard them all before they were covered up. Including the Upside Down. Steve Harrington, doesn't take your presence lightly being Billie's sister but you hang out with Nancy because you wanna be friends with her. He ends up getting dumped and you stay by his side for emotional support. What happens when you begin to fall for Steve Harrington during the trouble? Will he fall for you too? And what would Billie do if he knew? ---------------------------------------- Started: 07/07/19 Finished: 11/08/19 1 #steveharrington: 19/08/19

~1~ Billie and Max

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Caught In...
by myPOTATOscreamed