Falling For My Bad...
By Kellygold16
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Falling For My Bad Boy Neighbor: what happens when you find out you have a new hot neighbor with a nosy sister and a cute brother who somewhat likes you but your best friend is in love with him without her even knowing? What happens when you find out your the new neighbor's father and your father is cimpeting for power in a company that isn't even there's? What happens when your long time crush finally starts noticing you and you guys starting dating but he hasn't really asked you out? What happens when your father finds out about you and your crush and starts shipping you guys? MARRIAGE?... Hmmmmm🤔 And What happens when your crush meets your neighbor? Please follow this book to keep up with the love triangle. Vote and comment in every chapter Follow me on Instagram for more: kellygold16 or my official account: k.e.l.lie Warning: There will be matured contents and hard use of words


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Falling F...
by Kellygold16