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| HIGHEST - #1 in Cruise | "You could have anyone." I avert my gaze to the floor. His emerald green eyes sparkle as they catch a hint of the flashing casino lights. "Yeah...but I want you." ________________________________________________ Jade's an outcast who doesn't let herself depend on anyone or lets anyone depend on her. Her rough reality is flipped upside down when she loses her dad and her new foster parents bring her on a month-long cruise. Abruptly, she finds herself stuck on a ship where no one understands her - except for the one guy who you wouldn't expect to get her, but does. Noah Grey is known as the popular, star basketball player in his hometown - but he has dark secrets he can't tell anyone. When he runs into the skater girl that has no interest in making friends, what begins as a feud becomes an intense attraction when they come to realize that they're not so different after all... ** - This story is written from both Jade and Noah's perspective. It shifts perspective each chapter. - Don't skip the first two chapters! The first two chapters may seem a bit slow for people who want to get straight to the romance, but it contains important details about who the characters are and also sets up how the two main characters meet. - This is also a coming of age story. It's just as much about pain, self-discovery, and healing as it is about the highs and lows of falling in love. - The characters and their situations are much more complex than just "bad-girl/good-boy" - There is some raunchy and explicit dialogue ;) - I update regularly! - Please feel free to share ideas and tips on where I can improve! **

Chapter 1: Jade

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