Tom Riddle is Here...
By Bangtanarmy581
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Sequel to Voldermort is Gone, Tom Riddle is Here. Tom knows that Draco is his submissive soul- mate. But he cannot claim the boy, not quite yet. But, for some reason, now that they are officially at Hogwarts, draco is getting more and more skittish and scared. Tom is worried, and so he goes to a few of his mate's friends to try and see if this was normal behaviours. On top of the defense teacher constantly watching them, Potter and his friends seem to be watching them too. Not only that but Dumbledore is getting on his last nerve, and he swears he wants to crucio someone. Tom Marvolo Riddle is at Hogwarts now, and let's just say, you'd better be on your guard. When Tom finally learns the reason for Draco's behavior, it makes him want to strongly obliterate Lucius and Narcissa from existence. Can he keep his cool, or will the whole world realize just how dangerous he really is in his teenage form.


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Tom Riddl...
by Bangtanarmy581