Rebirth - A Bucky B...
By Katiie_Sykes
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Confused, the Winter Soldier, aka Bucky, wonders around the streets of New York. He can't go back to HYDRA, they would wipe his memory again. And he wants to remember. He want's to remember who Steve was, the man that he was ordered to kill but was also claimed to be his best friend. He somehow stumbles into a woman's apartment named Amelia, looking for medical help, and for some reason, Amelia decides to help him. As she finds out more about him, she decides to teach him how to live like a human in the 21st century and also helps him to remember his past. But disaster strikes as HYDRA finds Bucky, and when they try to find Steve they also find out that unfortunately he has been kidnapped by HYDRA too. And so their first mission begins. [ Bucky and OFC fanfiction. All characters, SHIELD and HYDRA belong to Marvel, except my own characters Amelia, Evan and whoever else I decide to add into the story. The description sounds crap, but I swear I'll try my best to make the story good with humor, romance and adventure:) ]

Rebirth - A Bucky Barns Fanfiction.

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by Katiie_Sykes