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EPHEMERAL (adj.) lasting only for a very short time they say life goes by in the blink of an eye. for them it's true. the lifespan of a human seems like nothing when you're a thousand years old. tales of them exist in all corners of the world. tales that parents tell their kids to get them to behave. the thing is, all stories have a base in reality and trust me, they are very real. they're a family as old as time. they're vicious, graceful, unworldy, beautiful creatures. they're vampires. they're the originals. - mieczyslaw mikaelson. you may know him as stiles stilinski, the clumsy kid who can't play lacrosse. in truth he was alive before lacrosse was invented. he's the youngest original. he has elijah's loyalty, niklaus' anger issues, rebekah's charm, and kol's mischievousness. all these qualities make him the most dangerous of them all. of course the pack doesn't see that. they see the human he pretends to be. what happens when a school trip starts to break his carefully crafted cover? i guess you could say this family reunion will go down into the history books. - ^^thezqueen^^ [stiles x the originals]

introduction and cast

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by thezqueen