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"Fuck you, Harry. I hate you," I tell him harshly, as I angrily poke his chest repeatedly with my index, more tears rolling down against my already damp cheeks. "I hate you," I repeat again, "so fucking, damn much." "I know, baby. I'm sorry," he replies, his voice being barely over a whisper as he cups my face and wipes my tears away with his thumbs, before ducking his head down and crashing his lips onto mine. And suddenly every single insult I had prepared for him disappears into thin air, the only thing occupying my thoughts being the feeling of his lips on mine, his tongue dancing with my own and his hands on my hips. Him and I, kissing is all I can think about. • • • In 2094, when a woman is pregnant and doesn't have the help of the baby's father, she is forced to seek help from the government. The woman and her child can then start a new life in a lonely man's house, young or old, abusive or not. It's exactly what happens for Ella who is two months pregnant. When she gets to the government, she hopes with everything she has, that the man she'll be living with for the next eighteen years, which is until her baby reaches majority, is a great man and will be a good father because she only wants what's best for her baby.


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