Highborn (Season On...
By EmmaIsaac
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[High School Paranormal Romance] "If you ask me, life sucks ass, and according to my mother, my future is the reason she never gives me the time of day." Dude, don't ask me why my bitch of a mom sent me away. I mean, I know she has an important career or whatever, but she shipped me thousands of miles away to my aunt's house in Colorado. What the hell's up with that? Don't even get me started on the people in this weird ass town. I hate admitting this since I'm in a committed relationship, but there's these three guys. I'm not sure how to explain it, but they're freaking hot, and since I started at my new school, at least one of them is everywhere I go. I guess they're like the school Royalty or whatever, which is a huge turnoff. I told them to leave me alone, but they don't listen and it's pissing me off. Tyler is a total player and a selfish prick. Lucas is a sweetheart, but he's my cousin's boyfriend! That leaves, Justin, the golden boy. Not only does he literally have gold eyes, but I know he has a secret. The migraines have been getting worse and I've been having some weird ass reactions to people. The only thing that used to help were my pills, but they're not working anymore, and things are starting to get wacky as hell. Like, I'm seeing shit and losing my damn mind! REVERSE HAREM HIGH SCHOOL PARANORMAL ROMANCE (FOR TEENS AND NEW ADULTS) NEW EPISODES: Weekly-Follow me for update announcements. (Episodes: 1200 to 3000 words) STARTED: August 30, 2019 Cover Created by Me [WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY INCLUDE EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, GORE, ABUSE, INTENSE SEXUAL SITUATIONS, ALCOHOL USE, AND DRUG USE.]

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