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❝You left a scar on my soul.❞ ~~~⊰♥⊱~~~ ·Cicatrix A new tissue that forms over a wound and later contracts into a scar. Roman squinted, his eyebrows knitting, his upper lip curling slightly over the butt of the cigarette carefully pinched between his index and middle finger. Pulling the cigarette away, he opened his mouth to let a steady stream of smoke out, his big green eyes bore into Ruby's soul, "We did what we had to." "Do you regret it?" The question had left her lips before she realized what she was saying. He moved the cigarette from between his second knuckles to between the tip of his fingers, turning it, he gently put the cigarette in her mouth, "No," their eyes were locked, he caressed her cheek tenderly, "I'd kill them a hundred times over for you. I'd do anything for you, anything to protect you." He took the cigarette, she blew the smoke out quickly, and he tossed the coffin nail into the ashtray. He pressed his forehead against hers, he wove his fingers in her hair, his warm skin was against hers. Just before he captured her lips in a passionate kiss, he said, "I love you, Ruby Rumancek." Of this she had no doubt. She knew he loved her, just as she loved him. But they were fire and they burned all that that touched. Roman tasted good, he felt good, and he needed her, the worry of what they could destroy slipped from her mind as her hands found their way to his back and the nape of his neck, the tips of her fingers in his velvet hair. He nipped her ear, he kissed her throat and neck, "I don't deserve you," he breathed against her skin. She wondered if he'd feel the same way if he knew everything she had done. [Roman Godfrey x OC] ~~~⊰♥⊱~~~ Cicatrix || Roman Godfrey Hemlock Grove || Season One Genres || Fanfiction, Dark Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery, Dark Romance, Romance, Thriller, Suspense Includes LGBTQ+ Themes || BxB, GxG, Threesomes ©BiersacksKitten || Hayley Rose Crimson Cover || Made by me

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