Percy Jackson and A...
By definitely_not_loki
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Percy is the last standing out of the seven after the war against Gaea. After promised a month of free time, he visits home but gets sidetracked after an unexpected happening... The Avengers are after a kid, Perseus Jackson. Told to be one of the most dangerous teens out there. Ordered to detain him, they bring the mourning Percy Jackson into their tower, but they can't help but feel something is off about the kid... TRIGGER WARNING! Torture, small abuse and self-harm mentions, depressed tendencies, panic attacks. [38,204 words] Highest rankings! 1st in crossoverfanficion 1st in PJO 1st in loki 1st in tonystark 1st in Reyna 1st in Thorodinson 2nd in HoO 2nd in Clintbarton 3rd in Natasharomanoff 3rd in Thorodinson 4th in Lokiodinson 5th in Percy 6th in Percyjackson 8th in Burcebanner 9th in Avengers 13th in Marvel (idk I thought it was cool)


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Percy Jac...
by definitely_not_loki