The Liminali
By cjtruz
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Forced to surrender her detective badge, Mara Philips returns to her lakeside hometown to do some soul searching, but is launched into a daunting mystery of her own when she awakens from a blackout and her elderly neighbor's dog has been brutally killed. Something is amiss in the eerie lake waters and Mara soon finds out that the dog isn't the only victim. Fliers for missing teenage girls are posted all over town and a mother desperate for answers begs the unrefined, rogue detective to take her case. In order to solve the girl's disappearance, Mara will have to navigate between the deep sea of deception and the safe harbor of loyalty after being thrust into an arcane world of liminal creatures, ultimately leading her on a journey of self-discovery. Dark, Contemporary Fantasy that blends Mystery & Romance with a dash of Sci-Fi Rated Mature for language, violence, sex, brief gore, and mentions of sexual abuse First Place Fantasy - Elite Awards 2019 First Place Horror/Paranormal - Writer's Oscars 2019 Second Place Paranormal - Pride Awards 2020 Third Place Fantasy - Majestic Inc Awards 2019 Top Three Finalist - Prime Awards 2020

ONE || there's something in the water.

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The Limin...
by cjtruz