In A Day Or Two
By raintrain29
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The first and last goodbyes will always give you the chills and the wants to see the person again. But pure happiness only lasts for less than a hundred days until reality decided to fuck up happiness and that colorful world you already built with someone else, starts to crumple up as if you didn't work hard for it to be what it is right now, it'll break down as if you didn't put up any foundations on that love you built. The hours and days you spent way back, was wasted and the efforts are forgotten. One mistake and it's all gone, one mistake and you can never get back what you've lost. In a day or two, I'll ask you. After you lost the one you loved, would you mourn or would you smile? In a day or two can you forgive yourself from the faults you've made or would you blame her for not being that strong to stay? In a day or two, can you forget her? All about her and all the things she do? I guess not. It's impossible. In a day or two, I'll be wishing it was me and not her on that passenger seat. I'll be wishing it was me on that bed she lied both weak and helpless. In a day or two, I'll regret every moment I didn't let her know how much I love her.

Chapter 1: The Encounter

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In A Day...
by raintrain29