Through the Dark (H...
By NatalyCanez
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Elizabeth Parker is just an ordinary girl, or at least that is what everyone thinks. Her parents are the wealthiest people in town which gives her some advantages and disadvantages. Elizabeth finds comfort in music and writing. However, this does not change the fact that she is depressed and rebellious. Harry Styles is the new kid at school. He is also lonely, however, he also carries a dark secret on his shoulders. Harry sees her pain and despite having to live with his own pain and torture , he has to protect her. Keep her safe. Elizabeth soon lets Harry in. Little does she know that her life will turn into something dark and horrifying that not even her worst nightmares come close to what she will encounter. Secrets will be revealed about many people but in her home as well. Copyright @NatalyCanez 2014 Cover: namelesswriterx

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Through t...
by NatalyCanez