To Love Again?
By Berrylove91
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Austin had me trapped between his arms. With his intense black eyes holding mine, he calmly said, "I have no interest in you whatsoever." "Neither do I," I lied. His face inched closer, his heated eyes radiating a warmth that melted my frigid heart. "But for some reason I fail to ignore your presence," he said, almost whispering. Inching my face even closer, I gritted my teeth fighting the sensations aroused as our lips hardly met. "Get out of my face." * * * * * * * * * Olivia Mirembe is a software analyst trying to get over the loss of her father and the effects of her previous relationship. She meets Austin Otim who is trying to recover from the pain of his lover leaving him after learning of his bankruptcy. Will they overcome their pasts and be able to love again?

Chapter 1: Encounter

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To Love A...
by Berrylove91