Beauty and his Beas...
By Yeon-Jae
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Ares, future heir to the Fae kingdom is the light of the entire kingdom. Born at a time when a curse had been cast upon the Faekind resulting in the loss of many their babies as well as the heirs to the throne, the entire kingdom views Ares as their hope and a miracle. As the only source of their kingdom prospering. Ares, touched by the Gods is known to be the most powerful Fae that had ever lived.. Growing up, Ares had been showered with unending love and sheltered from the harms and dangers of the world around him. He never knew the concept of hatred and jealousy, of anger and betrayal. To him, his entire world was nothing but purity and light, loved by everyone who met the beautiful fae. That is until he crossed paths with a being known as The Hybrid. A being with no name who went against everything he had ever believed in and had been taught. The Hyrbid brings about new feelings within Ares, such feelings he never even knew existed. Will he give in to these feelings or will he fight till his last breath to escape the clutches of The Hybrid? NB: This is boyxboy novel, meaning that there is intimate interactions between males. If you do not like reading about that, kindly refrain from reading any further. Thank you!

Chapter 1

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Beauty an...
by Yeon-Jae