Secrets of a School...
By PoisonGirl
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Being a teenage loser in school has to be the worst thing for a teenager, right? WRONG!!! Meet Kristine Winchester who is a straight a student, gets beat on a daily basis, loves to sing, and taking care of her sister. Yes the normal straight A student gets beat everday by her dad, and was forced to take care of her little sister like she was her own daughter. Could life get any worse? Uh Yeah . . . One day at school the star football player, who is also her crush, takes her and rapes her. Kristine ends up pregnant and force to take care of another child on her own. She wasn't ready to take care of both of them, especially in the hell house. So, she takes her sister away and they are living on the own with a one month old baby. With her minimum wage income Kristine doesn't even want to live anymore, but then she meet Tyler. He sweet, funny, her teacher, totally hot, and . . . Wait a minute back up!!! Her teacher?!?!?! Read Secrets of a School Girl and find out if Kristine will survive through the stress of her life, or will she go down alone.

Secrets of a School Girl (teacher/student love story)

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Secrets o...
by PoisonGirl