First Steps | A Zom...
By thatrandomgeekgirl
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The beginning was like any other sickness. Like any other flu. At least that's what everyone thought. But boy, were they wrong. This is a disease that would change the world. Whether for the better or for the worse, that was the choice of the survivor. Follow the journey of an unconventional bunch of people who fight the new world they've been thrown into. And see who ends up being fit for the apocalypse, or see their demise. A spinoff book for my other book and soon to be series, A Story To Tell. This takes a look at a different group of people that will eventually collide with the main set of survivors in A Story To Tell: Season 2... Start: 02.12.20 End: 10.31.23 It CAN BE READ as a STANDALONE! DISCLAIMER: This is a zombie book and it takes place in the same world as my other book, A Story to Tell. #3 in endtimes #69 in survive #49 in risk #45 in survior


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First Ste...
by thatrandomgeekgirl