A Glitch in our Rea...
By Irene-the-matron
  • General Fiction
  • angst
  • angstwithhappyending
  • modernsetting
  • onesidedrelationship
  • originalocs
  • secretrelationship
  • underediting


They thought life would stay the same. They believed their time on Earth could be normal. Their hearts longed for peace and reunion. Instead, they received heartbreak and horror. Terror and destruction clouded their heads like an overwhelming storm. It tore away from the inside out, desperate to shatter the relationships they had formed. Secrets remained hidden and steadily grew as each day flew by. Tensions formed as arguments broke out among the group; the noise frequently heard from their classmates. They spit up, unable to handle the nonsense surrounding their so-called bond. But an upcoming disaster strikes, leaving them to be the only ones who understand. It must be them who can accomplish the dire task. They must fulfill their deeds before time runs out. Before everyone perishes by the group's hand. They have to rise up and come together to defeat the monster they had created. For only they can understand. They have to save humanity.

It Begins...

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A Glitch...
by Irene-the-matron