The Forbidden Rose...
By tnmeem
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After angering a powerful witch, Andrea (exiled seventh son of an idle king) is transformed into a ferocious monster even he dares not look at. Trapped in a castle with only enchanted cutlery for company, Andrea ceases to become more than a legend ... until one fateful day when an elderly man manages to enter his cursed castle. Bel has always been the helper. He grew up helping his father tend to the family bookshop. When he finally got a job of his own and left dealings of the bookshop to his younger sister, Belle, he became a handyman. When his lover betrays him and it feels like it couldn't possibly get worse, his younger sister finds his father's travelling horse. Without his father on it.

The Beginning: Before The Prince Finds Out I Am A Woman

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The Forbi...
by tnmeem