|| Our Song ||
By TeddyBear_190
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BakuDeku: a soulmate and music au ⚠️UNDER EDITING⚠️ "I hear a voice a' calling, telling me to risk it Asking if I have been going the distance Singing with a passion that I cannot deny My eyes are swollen with the tears that I've been crying But, to the rest of the world, ever-smiling Singing for the courage that I'm dying to show! With my peace sign up when I say goodbye Write a story of a hero! With my peace sign up when I say goodbye Write a story of a hero!" We stood there in silence, taking a moment to breathe as I gently placed my guitar on its stand. I saw Kacchan place his drum sticks on top of the drum before stretching his arms out. "Kacchan?" I started as I watched him sighed in satisfaction once his arms pop. "Yeah?" He groans as he dropped his arms down, now looking at me with a side smirk as he crossed his arms. "Kacchan... you're my soulmate?" . . . I don't own BNHA/MHA, only the fanfic.

🎶Chapter 1🎶

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|| Our So...
by TeddyBear_190