In the End
By Honey_Money_
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Jovie Rawlings is many things but in control is not one of them. She's arrogant, loud, sassy, the biggest flirt you've ever met and proud to say she's never had a relationship. Oh, and she's allergic to the entire planet. Yes, God truly hates her. At 17, she's faced with more stress than anyone should deem sane. Her father's gone, her mom's working herself to death and her twin brothers best friend won't leave her the hell alone. However, when a new boy moves next door everything seems to fall into place. Maybe Jovie can finally "grow up." Maybe she can finally make a relationship work. Maybe she'll finally share the real reason why she's afraid to go to college. But, maybe she'll learn that in the end things never are as they seem. ***** Winner of the 2020 Fiction Awards! IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS ON WATTPAD, IT HAS BEEN STOLEN I do not own the rights to the cover image in any way, shape, or form. All rights belong to the original owner. #4 TeenDrama (10/29/19) My description needs help but this story holds a very special place in my heart. Oh, and she's Gabe's cousin!

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In the End
by Honey_Money_