Genesis Disparilis
By Kaizen_Hayashi
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Eve woke up in an unfamiliar world with her mind completely blank. All she knew was that her memory was hazy. She then meets Adam, the only other human existing there, and lived a normal and peaceful life with him. But that all changed when they met a horned-snake demihuman that has a motive to take revenge and overthrow the one that created this world. Everything went downhill for the two only humans. After regaining her memory, Eve and Adam were punished with curses and torture, and also found out the scheme of Ophid which is almost complete. In order to clear themselves of their sins, Adam and Eve venture around the world in order to find a way to eradicate Ophid and end his bad deeds once and for all. **Note: Any similarity of ideas/names/events that happen in the story are purely coincidental.

Prologue: The Creation of Existence

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