United The Fallen
By PaperMars
  • Science Fiction
  • alien
  • boyxgirl
  • dangerous
  • death
  • earth
  • fallen
  • galaxy
  • government
  • laboratory
  • monster
  • prison
  • romance
  • runaway
  • secret
  • space
  • star
  • universe


On November 3rd, 2006, an anomaly occurred. An incidence so rare, the world has never witnessed such a thing. On that peculiar night, a star fell, and along with it, so did a living, breathing boy. Rosie Cardel was only seven the night the star boy fell onto her family's farm. Her parents being asleep at the hour, didn't realize their daughter left the house in the middle of the night to see what it was that fell out of the sky. It was then, that Rosie met Icah, the alien boy who lived in the fallen star. He was a kind boy, he looked human, but he wasn't human. Icah, having no idea what to do after his star fell, decided to do exactly what his elders taught him if he ever found himself stranded on Earth. He linked himself, all of himself, his heart, and breath, and thoughts, and body to Rosie. Allowing him to live within her body, her mind, and the brink of her soul. Rosie, ecstatic at first that she has a new friend that will never leave her side, soon realizes as she gets older, that having an unearthly being dwelling inside you is dangerous, and not the marvel she thought it was, especially when the government gets involved.

United The Fallen

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