Heroes: Journey
By boozergames
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Everyone dreams of becoming a hero but only few people are born with Exousía, an ability that makes a person stronger, smarter and with special skills that no ordinary person has. Only about 0.0001% of the population are born with Exousía, an ability that is well kept as a secret to the society. Chiba prefecture had no active hero for the past years which made them shadowed by other cities and prefectures that has their own born and bred heroes. After years of waiting, a young boy named Hayato was born with an Exousía, he immediately became the golden boy of Chiba. Everything he does is being watched closely by his followers, especially his road to becoming a professional hero. Welcome to the world of heroes where money, fame, charisma and political plots are your cards to success. An original light novel created by Nobunaga Hiroe.


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Heroes: J...
by boozergames