Arko Cade & The...
By kakiewrites
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*i am well aware 90% of this book rly sucks,,, i started writing it at 15 years old and this first draft serves as my own catalogue to see how much i've improved* arko is the all-but-prince of a utopian nation, the island of creede. bored, clever, unbelieving in love and erratically unpredictable - the public adores him, the world is his oyster, and his playboy, party-animalistic antics capture attention everywhere. but his talent for magic? quite lesser known. the cades belong to a collective of magical houses that govern the unaware world from the sidelines. arko and his mother are the last of the magical cades, which leaves their legacy vulnerable - especially when she's taken. now, he must come to terms with his mother's secrets as well as his own destiny if he stands a chance at saving her, his people, and the world. after all, it was only a matter of time. • arkoverse book one •


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Arko Cade...
by kakiewrites