Lost: Casa Perdida
By DreusAmarillo
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  • lost
  • mystery
  • rainforest
  • scary
  • slasher
  • starryawards
  • survival
  • suspense
  • teen
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  • teenthriller
  • thriller
  • youngadult


A class of high schoolers from Wyoming, on a field trip to Bolivia, find themselves stranded in the jungles, having to escape from nature & what legend claims to be a demon lurking in the same forests, seeking to devour fresh human flesh: all while the weather gets progressively worse and tries to separate the children, while help struggles to find them and arrive on time. ----- It was supposed to be an exciting field trip for a group of 10 graders to the dense jungles of Bolivia. All was how it was meant to be until their guardians left them one day, never to return. The children are stranded amid disastrous weather. As they strive to survive in the jungles, will they come out alive? Or, will they become the next victims of the mythical poltergeist La Negra after trespassing on her hunting grounds? ------ Updated at least twice every month ------ Top Rankings: No. 1 in #Bolivia on August 10th, 2019; No. 1 in #TeenThriller on August 10th, 2019; No. 1 in #TeenAdventure on October 19th, 2019; No. 2 in #Rainforest on October 20th, 2019; No. 3 in #Forest on August 16th, 2019; No. 4 in #Amazon on October 19th, 2019; No. 6 in #Jungle on August 17th, 2019; No. 7 in #LatinAmerica on August 18th, 2019; .... 2nd Place inThe Triplet Awards 2020, under the Action/Adventure Category. Entry in the Grand Cafe Awards organized by the #grandcafecommunity


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Lost: Cas...
by DreusAmarillo