BAMPi: Part One
By Dayno008
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The mechanical demons have taken control. And hunting humans has become a sport. In the desolate city of what was once London, an old man and a young girl travel across barren wasteland searching for safety and sanctuary. At the heart of this deceptively straightforward narrative, is an hypnotic and nuanced story, which explores the depths and complexities of human loss and love. This familial portrait of a grandfather and his granddaughter, as they struggle to survive in a dystopian and hellish future, will both terrify and resonate alike. **Featured on Wattpad @fright @mystery @adventure @action @WattpadDarkFantasy @YASciFantasy @AdultFiction** **1ST PLACE WINNER - THE PIXIE AWARDS** **2ND PLACE WINNER - CREATIVITY COMMUNITY AWARDS 2019** **FEATURED ON WATTPAD #FRIGHT** **FEATURED ON WATTPAD #ADVENTURE** **FEATURED ON THE WATTPAD #ACTION READING LIST 'SCIENCE FICTION IN ACTION'** **FEATURED ON THE WATTPAD #DARKFANTASY READING LIST 'THE BESTIARY'** **FEATURED ON THE WATTPAD #YOUNG ADULT SCI-FI FANTASY READING LIST 'BLACKHOLES AND REVELATIONS'** **FEATURED ON THE WATTPAD #ADULTFICTION READING LIST 'STRANGER TIDES'** --Important note to reader-- BAMPi is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi-fantasy-horror, which is purely fictional and not based on real life in any way, shape or form. Although there is no direct and/or graphic violence, sex or profanity in this novel, it does contain moderate fantasy horror. Furthermore, there are some subjects, themes and topics mentioned that some people may find challenging and difficult, such as genocide. (These do not represent the views of the author and are entirely fictional). THIS NOVEL IS COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED TO THE AUTHOR. ©️DAYNE KILLIAN 2019 THE COVER ART IS COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED TO THE ARTIST. ©️D. HOLTOM


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BAMPi: Pa...
by Dayno008