The Young Lioness
By capsara
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Joanna Lannister is the youngest daughter of Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna Lannister. When she was born, she was so like her mother that her last request before she died was that the girl was named after her. Joanna tries to live up to her name in honor of her mother. The Lannister children are very close and very commited when it comes to protect each other. This is her story through Westeros. Things you need to know to understand this story: In this story, - Their mother didn't die giving birth to Tyrion but a few months after Joanna was born, by a unknown illness. So here Cersei doesn't hate Tyrion for killing their mother because that never happened. - Joanna and Tyrion know about the twincest and accepted it. - The story begins after Ned was attacked in the streets and Jaime went back to Casterly Rock. - The story will follow some of the events of the show but with a few changes. - The only caracthers I own is the main caracther ( Joanna Lannister - daughter ). I do not own any of the other caracthers.

Winds of War

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The Young...
by capsara