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By lunaryy
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This is an AU (Alternate Universe) Fanfiction based on characters from the Shadowhunter Chronicles written by Cassandra Clare. All characters belong to her. When you're best friends with ten-million-subscribed youtube sensation Jace Herondale (a.k.a. Herontales), your everyday life is bound to be one massive, hilarious recording...whether you like it or not, as 22-year-old Alec Lightwood has been forced to learn. Despite Jace's constant antics to keep his famed, six-minute weekly vlogs interesting, a suspiciously cult-like fanclub that arose after Alec's second reluctant appearance on the channel, and his younger sister's impulsive need to set him up on disastrous dates, Alec finds that he's handling closeted life rather well. But when sixty-million-subscribed fashion blogger Magnus Bane (a.k.a. WardrobeWarlock) crashes into his life with a literal burst of glitter, Alec realizes that there are some moments a video camera just can't quite capture.

Chapter 1

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Now Recor...
by lunaryy