What would a duke d...
By elsannalover23
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Cover not mine. Story is mine. Book number one. England, 1926. Edwin Radcliffe, the duke of London, is in no mood to dance with any of the debutantes at the annual Christmas ball. He does not want to even think about love. Until his eyes fall upon a lovely wallflower. Olivia Michaelson does not believe anyone is going to love her, much less find her interesting. The reason? She is blind. She received her vision loss from a deadly mass in her brain that has previously been removed. But the damage has already been done, and she can no longer see the life that she lives. When Edwin and Olivia meet, a spark of passion ignites between them. They believe that a Christmas miracle has just occurred, and that miracle has brought them together. But will previous lovers from both their pasts cause havoc? Can the past, no matter how painful, be put to rest?

Chapter 1

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What woul...
by elsannalover23