Mon Amour (COMPLETE...
By aijazzy
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Natsu smirks as he captures his lips in hers again. "Mon amour," He Says. "What does that mean?" Questions Lucy. "My lover," ************ Lucy played with her straw that was sitting in her drink. "Why?" She Asks. "Why try and be with me? A girl that isn't well known, isn't a model, isn't anything important, just me. A struggling writer that made a huge mistake and ended up having two kids that she doesn't even know who the father is." Says Lucy, the pleading in her voice. "Why not?" He Asks. "Fate brought us together, and I like you, you like me. Lets test our luck. Be with me, Lucy." ************** They met on an airplane, happened to sit by eachother. They met again when he saved her, just a coincidence. They met at his brothers law firm where she worked: maybe stalkerish? Then, once again, they met at a club with their friends. That was fate. Natsu Dragneel, a rich CEO of his fathers business and also a famous singer. He's a known player at all until he meets Lucy Heartfilia; a struggling single mother who's been looking for help from her baby daddy for thirteen years now. While having barely anything, she meets Natsu Dragneel, who loves her for her. Along with falling in love with her, could he also be the REAL father to her children? •••••••••••• Started: June 26, 2019 Finished: December 24, 2019

|Arc 1|

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Mon Amour...
by aijazzy