What We Left Behind
By stxrkissed
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Everything requires sacrifices. This is what Fei Hong grew up learning, and this is what she tells herself when she leaves Earth to set foot on a different planet in the far edges of the vast galaxy. With Earth's resources dwindling and her grandmother sick, Fei Hong makes the ultimate sacrifice that leads her to Erisua, a thriving planet full of opportunities. But everything comes with a price, and hers is the lingering feeling of not belonging in a world that seems to have grown without her. Fei Hong is thrown, yet again, into the tumultuous hands of fate when the first traces of a deadly virus infect Erisua. With the help of a mysterious grey-eyed boy, Fei Hong finds herself racing against the clock to save her new home and all she's ever known. [Featured in @StoriesUndiscovered Sapphire Reading List 09/22/19] ✩What We Left Behind, ⓒStxrkissed 2019✩ *Updates Every Friday* ~ Cover by the @itsmarrosee Edited by the @HaleyDione ~ #TheMintAwards2019 #Bookfunawards

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What We L...
by stxrkissed